Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu

(Served all day)

White or multigrain toasts served with the choice of peanut butter, seasonal berry jam, vegemite or organic honey   $7.9

gluten free toasts    Add   $2

Beasley’s fruit toasts served with seasonal berry jam $7.9

House toasted granola with dried fruits, Acai mousse, blueberry pear & lemon apples, served with cold milk (GFA, DFA)$13.5

soy or almond milk    Add $2

Coconut chia pudding with honeycomb, blackberry sorbet, toasted hazelnuts, citrus curd & kiwi fruit (GF/DFA)  $14.9

French toast Nutella panettone served with sweet & sour cherry compote & vanilla ice cream  $17.5

Pancake stack served with candied pineapple & rosé double cream      $17.5

Crepes served with mixed berry compote & whipped cream (GF) $14.9

Smashed avocado with mint, house made shanklish cheese & poached egg, served on toast (GF/DFA)  $19.9

Beasley’s Big Breakfast: Two eggs cooked to your liking, bacon, black pudding, spinach, roast tomato & mushrooms   (GFA/DFA) $23

Eggs Benedict: Shaved ham, poached eggs, English muffins & hollandaise sauce (GFA/DFA) $17.9

Eggs Atlantic: Smoked salmon, poached eggs, English muffins & hollandaise sauce (GFA/DFA)      $18.9

Pulled beef brisket Benedict served on house made rosti, poached eggs, jalapeño hollandaise, cornichons & parsley (GF/DFA)  $19.5

Croque-monsieur omelette with smoked ham hock, Dijon béchamel & toast    $19

Free range eggs on toast: two eggs cooked to your liking; poached, fried or scrambled  $12.9


Otway’s bacon                                      $4                                                Mushrooms                                         $4

Sautéed spinach                                  $4                                                House made rosti                                $4

Black pudding                                     $4                                                 Smoked salmon                                   $5

Smashed avocado                               $5                                                 Danish fetta                                          $4

Roast tomatoes                                  $4


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